Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Label, New Hair Style

Yesterday was my son's due date. Do you know how freaky that is? Well, I guess if you've been pregnant and have had babies, then you already know. And if you don't have kids... well I'm telling you... it's pretty wild, man.  People keep asking me if I'm ready. What does that mean? Am I ready to get him out? Am I ready to meet him? Am I ready for labor? What does "Are you ready" mean exactly?

I don't understand when women say they are ready for labor. Because to me it sounds like this,

"Yes I am ready to be completely surprised by this thing that has been growing in my body. I am so excited to be caught off guard with pain and grossness. I can't wait to be sitting around doing my normal day to day activities and then randomly start to experience the excruciating pain of an 8 pound human cramming it's way out of my vagina."

Being pregnant has been so interesting. It's basically a 9 month count down of "oh my gosh, this is happening. It's coming and it's gonna hurt." It's almost like KNOWING and ANTICIPATING that some stranger will come into your house and stab you repeatedly for hours. Or beat you repeatedly for hours... really whatever the worse one is, they'll do to you.

You guys, someone will be in my house using it's power to make me feel like I'M DYING!!!!!!!!!!! Yet no one is concerned. This is weird. How is it that it's something that women around the world experience everyday and we act like they're basically NOT almost being murdered. I don't get it.

I had to take my mind off of the uncertainties of labor and delivery so Chance and I have taken this last week to reminisce. You know, about the "good ol' days." We looked at a lot of old pictures (DEPRESSING)! Don't do that when you're 9 months pregnant... just don't. I kept saying, "Did I really used to look like that?! Did my legs really not rub together down to my knees? Did I really wear jeans that small?" Oh god, the jeans. That was the worst part. When you're skinny... everything looks good on you, and when you're not... well. Let's just stop there.

I also had many hairstyles that I don't even remember having. Short, long, black, blonde... striped, red, bangs-- you name it, I had it. But ever since I got knocked up my hair has been the same and pretty boring. Side note: Which look should I go back to post babe?

This is how I've had my hair for awhile now, all natural and long... (picture taken about a month before I got pregs)

Here's me rocking the swoop bang...

And Blonde...

Dark Dark Dark Brown

Red with Blonde Chunks

Dark Red

Long and Funky

Straight Bangs

Short A-Line

Short Again...

                                                              Soft Red Medium...

Annnnnd Now...

I'm realizing as this baby is getting closer and closer to being born, I will now be something else. I will be a mom. That holds a lot of weight. I've labeled myself many other things before... but never a mom. Because I wasn't a mom. But now I'm going to be.. and that's just strange.

Along with the excitement of getting this Major man out of my belly I'm also really motivated to shed the pounds and get myself fit again, but man has food been delicious (as I'm sure you can tell if you've seen my recently). We'll see how this goes.

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